Mini Lop, English Angora and Dwarf Hotot.

Bunny Central: San Francisco East Bay Area

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Remember - a pet is yours to enjoy for it's
entire life. Choose carefully when you buy or adopt. Only adopt if you can give your pet a good quality loving life - for life.

We look forward to meeting you soon!
If you wish to *VISIT* call 925-680-4770
(Pacific Time Zone after 9:00 a.m.,
before 9:00 p.m.)
email: bunnycentral (at) gmail.com

Georgia & Lenny Williams

A video of our typical Bunnies offerings below! Spring Bunnies, 1 min., 57 sec.

2016! All is well.

We have Mini Lop,
English Angora,
Mini Rex and Dwarf Hotot for adoption.

Purebred, pedigreed and free advise for life!

We do bunny-sitting
(rabbit boarding), Bunny Birthday Parties and advertising/movie/photo shoots in Northern California

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Our home-based rabbitry features purebred, pedigreed rabbits with a health warranty and free advise for life.

Our bunnies are raised in large cages with earth-friendly methods. Babies are handled since birth.

We support The House Rabbit Society. See www.rabbit.org for a rescued rabbit or bonded pair.